The Scripture Cathedral is dedicated to ministering to the body, soul and spirit of every member and friend of our community. Our ministries are established to address the needs of our people and all of those who wish to acquire a more abundant life in Christ Jesus.  

Hospital/Bereavement Ministry

This team responds promptly in love and compassion for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Widows and orphans are not forgotten as they are ministered to as well. Prayer support, comfort and visitation are provided for those who are hospitalized and/or recuperating. For more details, please contact.

Nurses/Medical Ministry

This ministry is composed of medical professionals that volunteer their time to serve the church. They maintain a presence during services and events in case of medical emergencies. The Medical Ministry also provide services, consultations and assistance to church members and residents of the community through scheduled screenings and health information sessions, and education on health -related issues.

Ministerial Affairs

The Ministerial Department has been established to provide support to our leader in upholding and carrying out the Pastor's vision. This is done through the undergirding of the membership with love and care; ministry and prayer. The Ministerial Department serves the local body and community in conjunction with existing Scripture Cathedral programs and outside engagements. The Ministerial Department also handles the licensing done under the covering of the Scripture Cathedral, as well as transferable credentials. 

Men's Ministry (18 years of age and up)

This army of mighty men is purposed through fellowship and discipleship. In addition to men's Bible study and prayer groups, their progressive mission is to initiate agendas that will assist in the empowerment of men both spiritually as well as naturally. Some of the more popular events include the Semi-annual Scripture Cathedral Men’s Retreat, Mighty Men of God Conference and Monthly Men’s Fellowship & Prayer Night. 

Music And Fine Arts

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry of the Scripture Cathedral is a collection of gifted men and women across an array of ages and talents. These groups of psalmists, musicians, dancers and worship leaders have dedicated their lives to glorifying God through the many talents He affords them. This department is comprised of the following: Pastor's Choir, Cathedral Choir, Television Choir, Brother's Chorus, Praise and Worship Team, the Praise Dancers, and Praise Angels.

Usher Ministry

You are always welcome at the Scripture Cathedral and our Ushers Ministry personifies our hospitality. At every service you can expect to be greeted warmly by one of our ushers. Our ushers also serve other ministries when traveling with our pastor on special events. We look forward to seeing you at the Cathedral!

Woman2Woman Ministry

Our Woman2Woman ministry looks to cross educational, social-economic and racial lines in service to our fellow sisters in those essential areas that all women face.  We are laboring together through various services and programs to bring to fruition the wholeness that can only come through a life being lived in Christ. It is our purpose and hope that all who encounter us will be blessed by the love, virtue and wisdom that accompany a mature woman in God.

Evangelism Ministry

Members of this group share the mission of spreading the gospel to all that will receive it. Trained to evangelize in the DC-Metro area, this group reaches out to our neighbors, friends and family in the community to extend the invitation to follow Christ. As a ministering arm of the church, this team looks to identify and implement needed services that will meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.

Scripture Cathedral Youth Enrichment (age 1-12)

The Scripture Cathedral Youth Enrichment Class provides quality academic instruction to children ages 3-11 years old. Each student receives one-on-one homework assistance in addition to age appropriate instruction in both Math and English. This instruction is provided during our Pastor's Bible class every Tuesday night from 7:30-8:30pm. All classes are free and available to the children of non-members as well.

New Member Relations

Our New Members Group is to welcome those individuals who have chosen to make Scripture Cathedral their church home. Every new member starts their ministry with us here. New members are provided with information regarding our church’s mission, vision and fundamentals of faith. After (4) weeks, the new member is placed in a permanent ministry by the pastor that best suits his/her talents and needs.

Baptismal Committee

Why put off to tomorrow, what can be done today?  The Scripture Cathedral staff is available to provide baptismal services during office and service times. We feel that we are fulfilling the commission given to us by Christ, by making ourselves available at a moment’s notice to everyone that desires to go down in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry

The Scripture Cathedral ministerial staff recognizes the call to preach the gospel to all people everywhere, both bond and free. This ministry’s purpose is to establish a holistic prison ministry that will encourage and empower current convicts, former offenders and their families to take full advantage of the second chance they may receive naturally by fully embracing the redemption that Christ offers to us all.


Seldom seen; maintaining a safe family environment is a must. Our security staff is full of responsible professionals who donate their time and talents to ensure that the Scripture Cathedral family is provided with a safe and tranquil environment of worship and service programs.

Audio/Video Ministry

Our A/V Ministry is full of hard working professionals dedicated to the support of our ministry being shared locally and abroad.  Full service is provided totally in house ranging from daily service PA system support to the live video taping and distribution of services, concerts and conferences. Through this ministry we work along side our various radio and television sponsors providing material for channel programming.

Deacon's Ministry

The Deacon's Ministry provides service to the congregation, supports Pastor Long and associate pastors, while supporting the vision of the ministry.

Trail Blazers

Our Trail Blazer’s ministry is designed to support and guide youth between the ages of 13-16. We believe that God has and can move greatly through young people who seek his face and make themselves available to him.  The Trail Blazer ministry empowers our young people to stand firm against the cultural norms that persuade us daily to compromise our faith.

Impact! Campus Ministry

Impact! was formed in recognition of the need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared on the high school/college campus. The time spent in college is truly a unique one. There are not many times in life where an individual is in a position to explore their gifts, examine their life and shape their future. Team Impact! and their partners, are made up of devoted individuals with a passion for Christ and a true understanding of what it means to live for Him in this day and time. Our purpose is to live out the Holy Scriptures through the daily application of God’s word.



C. L. Long Fitness Ministry

The C. L. Long Fitness Ministry is a program established by Apostle C. L. Long to promote health and wellness for the members of the Scripture Cathedral. This group is comprised of both male and female participants of various ages and is led by a nationally certified personal trainer. To date, many have experienced a variety of notable health benefits since enrolling in the program. This group meets on Saturday mornings at 10am. Enrollment is free to members and open to non-members as well.


Pastor's Aide Ministry

Being a Pastor is no small task and one should not be expected to do it alone. The Pastor's Aide Ministry strives to provide supplementary support to the pastor and his family. Our goal is to show appreciation to the pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance. We make it a point to give special recognition for the daily sacrifice that our leader makes for our congregation and community at occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and vacations! We know Apostle Long has meant a lot to many people outside of our church family and we open the doors for them to be a blessing to him as well.  Click here to show your appreciation!


Hospitality Committee

The hospitality committee is an extension of the Scripture Cathedral family. We are indeed “the church in the heart of the city, with the people of the city in our hearts”. We make it a point to do what we can, to ensure that all of our visitors and friends feel at home when they come to worship with us. Have you considered visiting us this Sunday? Looking for a church home to fellowship with? We would love to hear from you.

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